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“Comparative Analysis of Juvenile Sexual Offenders, Violent Nonsexual Offenders, and Status Offenders”

Posted on December 1, 2016, in Family, Psychological, Research, Self-Image, Teens

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Title: "Comparative Analysis of Juvenile Sexual Offenders, Violent Nonsexual Offenders, and Status Offenders"
Publication: Journal of Interpersonal Violence 10.1
Author: Ford, Michelle E., and Jean Ann Linney
Date: 03/10/1995

Abstract Juvenile sexual offenders, violent nonsexual offenders, and status offenders were compared using psychometric instruments to assess intrafamily violence, quality of offender social skills, interpersonal relationships, and self-concept. Self-report and record data were gathered on family history, education, behavior problems, criminal history, history of abuse, exposure to pornography, and early childhood memories. Juvenile child molesters […]

The Making of Sexual Violence: How Does a Boy Grow Up to Commit Rape?

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Title: The Making of Sexual Violence: How Does a Boy Grow Up to Commit Rape?
Publication: International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)
Author: Brian Heilman, Luciana Hebert, Nastasia Paul-Gera
Date: 06/01/2014

Women and girls around the world experience staggering levels of rape and other forms of sexual violence. This violence devastates lives, unhinges communities, and hampers greater social and economic development. While the severity, frequency, and purpose of this violence can broaden during times of conflict or emergency, its foundations are laid during “peacetime,” as is […]

Sadomasochism: Descent into Darkness

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Title: Sadomasochism: Descent into Darkness
Author: Robert Peters
Date: 06/01/2015

What prompted me to write this paper was the release of the film, Fifty Shades of Grey, which from what I have read portrays sadomasochism much in the same that Pretty Woman portrayed prostitution. This paper is about the dark underbelly of sadomasochism. Sadomasochism and pornography have much in common, however, and as I worked on […]

The Associations Between Adolescents’ Consumption of Pornography and Music Videos and Their Sexting Behavior

Publication Information

Title: The Associations Between Adolescents’ Consumption of Pornography and Music Videos and Their Sexting Behavior
Publication: Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking
Author: Joris Van Ouytsel, Koen Ponnet, and Michel Walrave
Date: 12/01/2014

ABSTRACT Several scholars have argued that adolescents’ sexting behavior might be influenced by their media use. However, to date, empirical evidence of the link between media socialization and engagement in sexting behavior remains scarce. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether music video and pornography consumption are able to predict a range of sexting behaviors among […]

Pornography Replaces Marriage for Young Men

Posted on December 15, 2014, in Cybersex, Family, Internet, Marriage, Men, Psychological, Research, Societal, Statistics

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Title: Are Pornography and Marriage Substitutes for Young Men?
Publication: Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Author: Michael Malcolm, George Naufal
Date: 11/15/2014

ABSTRACT Substitutes for marital sexual gratification may impact the decision to marry. Proliferation of the Internet has made pornography an increasingly low-cost substitute. We investigate the effect of Internet usage, and of pornography consumption specifically, on the marital status of young men. We show that increased Internet usage is negatively associated with marriage formation. Pornography […]

Parental Desensitization to Violence and Sex in Movies

Posted on November 10, 2014, in Children, Family, Research, Societal, Teens

Publication Information

Title: Parental Desensitization to Violence and Sex in Movies
Publication: American Academy of Pediatrics
Author: Daniel Romer, Patrick E. Jamieson, Brad J. Bushman, Amy Bleakley, Anli Wang, Daniel Langleben, and Kathleen Hall Jamieson
Date: 10/20/2014

OBJECTIVES: To assess desensitization in parents’ repeated exposure to violence and sex in movies. METHODS: A national US sample of 1000 parents living with at least 1 target child in 1 of 3 age groups (6 to 17 years old) viewed a random sequence of 3 pairs of short scenes with either violent or sexual content from […]

News Articles: Parents Desensitized to Sex and Violence in Media

Posted on November 10, 2014, in Children, Family, News, Societal

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It’s mums and dads who are failing to keep kids from watching violent and sexual material (The Daily Telegraph (Australia), Oct. 24, 2014) Why more parents let kids watch movie violence and sex (BabyCenter blog, Oct. 23, 2014) Are Parents Getting Too Used to Sex and Violence in the Media? (Boston.com, Oct. 22, 2014) Parents ‘too desensitised to […]

Top Five Warning Signs of Internet Pornography Addiction

Publication Information

Title: Top Five Warning Signs of Internet Pornography Addiction
Publication: PRNewswire
Author: The American Osteopathic Association (AOA)
Date: 10/28/2014

SEATTLE, Oct. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — With Internet usage skyrocketing to three billion users worldwide this year—nearly 40% of the world population from 1% in 1995—mental health professionals are struggling with an issue that has risen just as quickly:  Internet pornography addiction, one of the most common addictions today. Sister Marysia Weber, DO, an osteopathic family physician certified by the […]

Is Male Porn Use Ruining Sex?

Posted on January 22, 2014, in Cybersex, Family, Internet, Marriage, Men, Opinion, Relationships, Research

Publication Information

Title: Is Male Porn Use Ruining Sex?
Publication: Psychology Today
Author: Robert Weiss
Date: 01/20/2014

Are men becoming totally out of sync with real-world romantic relationships? Recent statistics show that approximately 12 percent of all websites are porn-related, 25 percent of all search engine requests are sex-related, and 35 percent of all Internet downloads are pornographic, so porn is pretty darn ubiquitous. And these numbers don’t even count all the […]

Talking Points: Pornography and Relationship Damage Research

Posted on December 13, 2013, in Family, Featured, Relationships, Research, Sexual Violence, Societal

Publication Information

Title: Pornography and Relationship Damage Research Results
Publication: Morality In Media
Author: Mary Anne Layden, Ph.D.
Date: 12/13/2013

Adult (>18 years old) exposure to pornographic media is connected with: Greater acceptance of sex before marriage Having more sex partners Rating their partners as less attractive Being less satisfied with their partners sexual performance Greater desire for sex without emotional involvement More sex callousness Trying to get partners to act out scenes from pornographic […]