Objectives. To examine the association between exposure to X-rated movies and teens’ contraceptive attitudes and behaviors.

Methods. Black females, 14 to 18 years old (n = 522) were recruited from adolescent medicine clinics, health departments, and school health clinics.

Results. Exposure to X-rated movies was reported by 29.7% of adolescents. Exposure to X-rated movies was associated with being more likely to have negative attitudes toward using condoms (odds ratio [OR]: 1.4), to have multiple sex partners (OR: 2.0), to have sex more frequently (OR: 1.8), to not have not used contraception during the last intercourse (OR: 1.5), to have not used contraception in the past 6 months (OR: 2.2), to have a strong desire to conceive (OR: 2.3), and to test positive for chlamydia (OR: 1.7).

Conclusions. Additional research is needed to understand the impact of X-rated movies on adolescents’ sexual and contraceptive health.

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