Robert Peters served as President of Morality in Media from 1992–2011 and as Assistant Director of MIM’s National Obscenity Law Center from 1987–1992. Mr. Peters is now President Emeritus of MIM.

This is a compilation of research studies that show evidence of the vast harms to children and young adults associated with pornography use, specifically, the impact that exposure (addiction) has on the psychological and moral wellbeing of children.


  • Sexual Addiction
  • Sexual Distortion, Deviance & Misbehavior
  • Damaged Relationships
  • Sexting
  • Sexual Abuse of Children – Adolescent and Adult Sex Offenders
  • A Sexual Script for Men
  • Young Women Addicted to Pornography
  • ‘Hooking Up’
  • Impact on Marriage
  • Sexual Aggression

“My expertise when it comes to the subject of pornography is in the laws that prohibit and regulate various forms of pornography and the businesses that produce and disseminate pornography. But I would have had to be both deaf and blind to have spent almost 30 years fighting pornography without learning a great deal about how pornography affects people. I also know from personal experience how pornography can affect a child and young man. In fact, it is the knowledge of how pornography harms people that has helped keep me going all these years.”


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