Lap Dancing and Table Dancing Ordinance Preparation (LAW)

Posted on August 19, 2013, in Pornography Laws, Research

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Erotic cabarets, juice bars or bottle clubs that feature lap dancing or table dancing whether nude or partially nude or clothed have been found to foster prostitution, immoral conduct and drug dealing and to be a bane on the neighboring area.

Using the tools of an existing state statute, lap dancing as such, in some jurisdictions, can be found to be obscene or illegal as a form of prostitution or prohibited “lewdness” and, in some cases, a nuisance.

Oftentimes, a more effective weapon is a local ordinance creating a “buffer zone” between dancers and performers so that no lap or table dancing is possible. Such ordinances, if properly drawn, have in most cases, been upheld as a proper exercise of the police powers. These ordinances can be, and are, utilized in an alcoholic or non-alcoholic context.


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