Escort and Outcall Ordinance Preparation (LAW)

Posted on August 19, 2013, in Pornography Laws, Research

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Many Escort Bureaus and Escort Services, as the Supreme Court of Nevada tells us, are really fronts for Prostitution or, in its language, “Modified Brothels.” Clark County, Nevada and Las Vegas have been in the forefront of passing legislation to regulate “escort bureaus” “escorts” and “outcall services.”

The Clark County Ordinances [Appendixes II and IV] have been tried by fire and, as amended, have withstood the heat. It is to Clark County that we should look to study their strategy for curbing this brand of prostitution.

However, any city or county seeking to enact a similar ordinance should first determine if state enabling legislation is required or whether such a local law is preempted by some state law provision. It should be noted that Clark County had the benefit of some legislative authority in NRS 244.345 [Appendix I]. Also, included is a discussion of the California case of Cohen v. Board of Supervisors, 707 P.2d 840 (1985) regarding the issue of preemption.


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