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Posted on January 14, 2013, in Children, Internet Safety, Religion

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Josh D. McDowell

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How concerned would you be if a stranger were slipping into your child’s
bedroom each evening? What if the purpose of the intruder were to fill
your child’s mind and heart with destructive teachings and pornographic
images of the vilest nature? You would obviously be alarmed and would do
whatever it took to seize the “criminal” and see that the person was
apprehended and prosecuted.
I am here to tell you that right now an intruder IS putting your children at risk.
It is systematically stalking your children, and sadly, most parents and Christian
leaders are oblivious to it. What I’m about to share and fully document will no
doubt strike fear in your heart…and it should.
Studies have shown the number one fear among Christian parents and Christian leaders is that a secular worldview and sexual immorality will somehow
capture the hearts and minds of their kids. To address that fear, parents have
helped open up and develop more Christian schools and formed more networks
to homeschool their children than ever before. Many have sent their kids off
to Christian summer camps, and a good number of these families have started
attending megachurches (with top-rated youth programs) in unprecedented
numbers to counteract this threat.
However, these positive steps may have actually caused many parents and
educators to drop their guard. It would be natural to assume that kids are largely
insulated from the influences of a corrupt culture if they live in a Christian

home, are involved in church, Christian education, and Christian activities. But
the grim reality is that our kids are far more exposed today than kids were only
ten years ago. The reason for this is because right now we are in the midst of a
social media revolution that is allowing a corrupt and perverted morality to have
direct access to our children at much earlier ages.

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