Pornography is the silent ‘cancer’ of our time (Opinion)

Posted on January 16, 2013, in Addiction, Religion, Societal

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Michael Shields

October 24, 2012

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( – The scourge of pornography appeared in force in Russia during the mid-1990s, when after the fall of the Soviet Union everything seemed permissible.

Pornography came to Magadan like a cold wind, blowing through the city and leaving behind openly pornographic magazines and videos strewn across new stands and book stores. It arrived all at once.

If you had a computer, unwanted invitations and pictures began popping up out of nowhere. I remember once sitting on an airplane, wearing my religious habit. I was situated between two men who both had purchased pornographic magazines for the flight. I decided to pull out my Bible and begin reading it. The men slowly closed the magazines and put them away.

I’m sure Russia had pornography during the communist repression but the new freedoms brought a new destruction upon human dignity.

In the last few years I have helped many men work through their addiction to pornography. I know one priest who started hearing so many confessions he decided to order a special book to help men with this addiction. He still reorders the book regularly.

I heard a heart-sickening story of a man addicted to surfing pornography websites at night thinking he could not be traced. But his young son, more computer savvy then he, found the sites and he himself began the deep descent into this sickness, thanks to his father.

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