Combatting Sexual Trafficking: A Global Issue and its Root Cause (Research)

Posted on November 15, 2011, in Brain Science, Psychological, Research, Sex Trafficking, Women

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Abstract:  Human trafficking cannot be fully understood until the linkage of prostitution and pornography usage are known and addressed. This is key in understanding why human trafficking has become such a huge societal issue. There has to be a root cause evaluation to assess why the prostitution of women exists, which means that there has to be a “demand” and a “buyer.” If there was no demand or a buyer, human trafficking “services” would not be purchased. Helfrich explores the brain science of pornography, the ways in which pornography industry feeds the human trafficking industry, and the failure of the government to enforce federal obscenity laws.

by Tiffany Helfrich

Find article here:  content/uploads/2011/11/PH_Research_Helfrich_SocialCausesTraffickingPaper.pdf


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