The Pornography Trap (Research)

Posted on January 11, 2011, in Cybersex, Family, Marriage, Research, Societal

Publication Information

Title: The Pornography Trap
Publication: Resources for Overcoming Inappropriate Internet Use
Author: Victor B. Cline and Brad Wilcox

Years ago youngsters could make a little extra money by hunting raccoons with homemade traps. These young hunters built small wooden boxes with only one opening, and secured them to the trunk of a tree or fallen log. Around the opening they would drive nails at angles so the sharp ends pointed toward the back of the box. Next the hunters would drop a shiny piece of metal in the bottom. Inevitably, a curious raccoon would be attracted by the shiny object and, as skillfully as a monkey, reach his long, flexible fingers into the box and grasp it. Of course, it was no trouble to reach between the nails when his fingers were relaxed, but once the animal closed its strong claw around the object, there was no way to pull it out without running into the sharp nails. All the raccoon had to do was let go and withdraw its fingers to be free, but there it would sit-trapped by nothing but its own unwillingness to let go of the shiny-but worthless-metal. Pornography is a similar trap, drawing in the curious and then holding them by their unwillingness to let go of their appealing, but worthless, prize.


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