Senate Committee Hearing: The Science Behind Pornography Addiction (Research)

Posted on June 2, 2010, in Addiction, Brain Science, Children, Research, STD

Publication Information

Title: Hearing: The Science Behind Pornography Addiction
Publication: The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Author: Judith Reisman
Date: 11/18/2004

Dr. Reisman is a specialist in the communication effects of images on the brain. She presented impressive results of some of her data indicating that pornographic images produce changes in neurochemistry which create intense emotional responses, including fear, shame, lust and/or violence and hostility. She calls these actual changes in brain structure and functioning “erototoxins,” which have lasting effects on viewers of pornography, especially children. Law enforcement testimony of those arrested for sexual crimes indicate that “100% of rapists, pedophiles, etc… possessed adult pornography such as Playboy, on up.”

Dr. Reisman reported that since pornography has been mainstreamed since the 1950’s, sexual diseases have significantly increased as well as exponential increases in new types of copycat sex crimes by and to juveniles and adults. She recommends that all types of pornography, whether “soft porn” or otherwise should be not be protected under “freedom of speech,” as its neurochemical and physiological effects involuntarily alter brain function and human behavior.



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