‘Sexting’ probed at Montgomery, Md., middle school (News)

Posted on April 16, 2010, in Children, News, Sexting, Teens

Publication Information

Title: 'Sexting' probed at Montgomery, Md., middle school
Publication: The Washington Post
Author: Michael Birnbaum
Date: 04/16/2010

Students at a Bethesda middle school bought, sold and traded inappropriate photos and videos of fellow students, school officials said Thursday, and Montgomery County police are investigating.

Educators at Pyle Middle School said they were alerted to images on a student’s iPod Touch last week. Students told school officials that the images were of girls from Pyle Middle School and Whitman High School and that they had been passed around for at least several months, Pyle Principal Michael Zarchin said. No adults appear to be involved, Zarchin said.

At least some of the images were of naked girls, according to a source with knowledge of the students’ descriptions.


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