A Dangerous Threat to Youth — Sexting (Opinion)

Posted on April 27, 2010, in Opinion, Pornography Laws, Sexting, Teens

Publication Information

Title: A dangerous threat to youth — sexting
Publication: The Daily Reporter
Author: Mike McManus
Date: 04/23/2010

America’s leading “tween girl” marketing consultancy, AK Tweens, reports that 30 percent of girls aged 9-15 are “sexting,” sending, receiving and/or posting sexy messages/photos of themselves in their underwear or without clothes online, and via cell phones/email. Another disturbing finding of the AK Tweens survey: a stunning 81 percent have received sexy messages/photos. That’s virtually everyone at this tender age! When asked why they send or post sexting messages, eight out of ten said they wanted to get attention; two-thirds hoped to be “cool;” 59 percent wanted to be like the popular girls and 54 percent said they hoped to find a boy friend.


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